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    Independent Schools

    Review Consultancy’s experience has been gained with niche caterers Fairfield and Chartwells and many in-house catered independent schools. Working with both in-house and contract caterers, our catering consultants are innovative and practical in their solutions and always deliver our client’s objectives.

    The benefits of our work with independent schools are;

    1. Improved modern food services
    2. Unnecessary costs and wastage removed
    3. Increased fresh, seasonal foods locally sourced and ethically purchased
    4. Increased value to the school, its students and parents
    5. Meeting all legal requirements
    6. Increased client confidence in their service and caterer

    As Bursar I can state with confidence that we have put in place the best possible catering provision for the school by means of a quality process which I would simply not have had the time to manage and deliver. Quite simply Steven has enabled me to meet my job objectives."

    Pamela Richardson, Reading School
    Our food service consultancy projects include;

  • Service Quality and Financial Audits / on-going Monitoring
  • Options Appraisals
  • Tendering
  • Catering Facility Design
  • Service Marketing and Staff Training
  • In-house Support and Development

  • Our services commence with an initial free, no obligation meeting from which a proposal is presented with most projects agreed at a fixed fee with no hidden costs.

    In most cases, our fees are more than recovered by the first year’s savings through the implementation of Review Consultancy’s strategies and recommendations.
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